the best Keaton

The silent film concerts of the Prima Vista Quartet


the film

DIRECTOR  Buster Keaton

YEAR  1927


COMPOSER  Baudime Jam (1999)

« A talented ensemble. »

Marie Hulin (La Voix du Nord)

« An artistic performance, an exceptional show. »

Caroline Musquet (Le Journal de Saône et Loire)

« A superb accompaniment. »

Beata Was (Gazeta Olsztynska)

« Prima Vista manages to give the illusion of improvisation which he retains the spontaneous side, alert and lively, and becomes one with the images. »

R. Brunel (La Montagne)

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The archetype of classic slapstick comedy

Johnnie Gray is the mechanic of the locomotive called the "General". When the Civil War breaks out, Johnnie finds it difficult to choose between his train, and Annabelle Lee, his second love. As he can not join the army, Annabelle denies him her love. But love, once again, will win !

«The General» was ranked among the ten best films of History by the magazine Sight & Sound of the British Film Institute, and it regularly appears in the list of the greatest masterpieces of the 7th Art.

The first silent film score of Baudime Jam was an instant success, both acclaimed by the critic and the audience. It shows the delicate care with which he worked out the music so that it be an intrinsic part of the film in order to enhance both his cinematic and expressive efficiency.