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The silent film concerts of the Prima Vista Quartet


Douglas Fairbanks has invented the rules of a genre by creating a modern myth that continues to inspire us : with "The Black Pirate," he crowned a long list of successes that had made him one of the most renowned actors of Hollywood and a living embodiment of timeless hero.

The swashbuckler films are surrounded by an aura of romance that draws an imaginary halfway between Dumas and Stevenson, made of bravery and heroic deeds. Central to this "genre" literature and cinema is the archetypal scene of the duel, the confrontation of the valiant and fearless knight against his infamous and diabolical enemy : a rapier, a sword or a fine blade in hand, they fight with elegance and panache in the corridors of a dark castle perched on a rocky peak or on the deck of a Spanish galleon. The choreography is always virtuosic and acrobatic and the duelists outdo one another with their dexterity in bravura scenes that are the hallmark of this repertoire’s masterpieces.

One shall not forget to mention the most outstanding technical feature of "The Black Pirate" which was the first important film to be shot in Technicolor - a process still experimental at the time.

> The film is presented in its original Technicolor.

The model of swashbuckler film

the film

DIRECTOR  Douglas Fairbanks

YEAR  1926


COMPOSER  Baudime Jam (2004)

« A moment of pure happiness. Difficult to put words on the performance of the Prima Vista Quartet who gave a stunning cine-concert. An impeccable show. »

Caroline Musquet

(Le Journal de Saône et Loire)

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