Hollywood tells

the French Revolution

The silent film concerts of the Prima Vista Quartet


The flamboyant adaptation of a great historical melodrama

the film

DIRECTOR  David W. Griffith

YEAR  1921


COMPOSER  Baudime Jam (2008)

« The musicians magnified the cinematic lyrism in all its melodramatic and epic nuances, literally restoring life to the film. Prima Vista gives a musical voice to silence. »

Julie Ho Hoa (La Montagne)

« Virtuoso musicians in total empathy with the story and the characters. A true performance. »

Emmanuel Daligand (Le Journal de Saône et Loire)

In Paris, shortly before the French Revolution, two orphans are separated by fate. One blind is exploited by a horrible hag that forces her to beg in the streets. The other becomes the prey of a dissolute marquis, who wants to seduce her by force... How their fates will eventually come together, that's what this epic fresco tells when History crosses the path of human passions : hatred, fear, compassion, and love - of course.

The composition of Baudime Jam is in the tradition of Hollywood scores (post-romantic harmonic language but also modern, extensive use of leitmotifs, formal structure, etc.) and is remarquable for its commitment to a rigorous match of style and agogy with the film. The narrative richness and complex cinematography of Griffith, which scholars have analyzed at length and which make all its value in the eyes of cinema lovers, also called a written and worked score.

> The film is presented with a 10 minutes intermission.

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